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 BBM MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of Breaking Barriers Ministries (BBM) is to minister the Word of God, win souls to Jesus Christ and "break" the "barriers" that keep one in bondage. Barriers are anything that would hinder or block one from receiving the blessings God has promised the believer. Suicide, lesbianism, fornication, generational curses, loneliness, lying, stealing, adultery and many other barriers are the Ministry's focal points. The goal of BBM is to teach women to be godly wives and mothers and how to manage their time and responsibilities, so they can live a prosperous life and enjoy the benefits of God.​​

O R D E R   Y O U R   C O P Y   T O D A Y ! ! ! 

Pastor Jeanette Coats'

N E W   B O O K

Prayer: The Spiritual Power of the Believer

Pastor Jeanette Coats Book


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